Welcome to Simply Unhurried with Durenda Wilson

Encouraging moms to embrace a simple, unhurried approach to life and homeschooling!

The Simply Unhurried Community


What You'll Find

The Simply Unhurried Community will help you find:

Confidence - Grow in confidence as a mom as you find out why it’s important to slow down and how to listen to your instincts.

Connection - Connect with resources and a seasoned mom of eight who has over 31 years of experience to share and will help you keep the big picture in mind when it comes to family life and homeschooling. 

Community - Meet up with other moms who are choosing to take a more unhurried approach in their family and homeschooling journey.


Knowing that there is another woman who has “been there and done that”, willing to take a moment, encourage, pray for me and with me, is simply scratching the surface of what this space has meant to me.
Durenda has given us tools to use and share. And regardless of where we are in our journey, we all can be an encouragement to someone else, lifting each other up in prayer, and keeping us accountable to God. -Donna

This group has been such an encouragement to me! In other groups (even though it wasn't the intent) I came away feeling like I wasn't doing enough, preparing my kids adequately, or doing the right stuff. Not here! I'm actually encouraged to slow down! Relationships are just as important as academics! I feel that Durenda and all the other moms in our group have given me permission to enjoy my kids and not stress about the journey. Durenda inspires confidence that God has supplied parents with what they need to thrive. -Jenny

This community has been life-changing! Having a place to share, get encouragement, pray with fellow believers, get advice, and learn from one another has been wonderful. I’ve made some lifetime friendships in this group and for that I’m thankful. Durenda’s guidance, unhurried approach to schooling, and encouragement is what changed my entire perspective on homeschooling! God is good! -Spring

Durenda’s mentorship was a major blessing in my life at a time when I needed a Titus 2 mom. She came alongside us, prayed, encouraged, and spoke the truth with grace and love. -Savanna

Durenda’s mentoring gave me confidence and confirmation to follow the path I was already being drawn to for my family. God knew what I needed and directed me to a great community of like-minded mamas at a time I needed it most! What a blessing and answer to prayer! -Beth

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